Funding Options for your GLEAM eBike

Many countries and cities see the great potential of eBikes and therefore grant various subventions. With them, the purchase of GLEAM is even more attractive!


WhereWhoHow muchLink
Baden-WürttembergB2B30% up to € 3000Learn more

Learn more

BerlinB2B and B2C33% up to 1000 € / 500 €Learn more
Bietigheim-Up tosingenB2C30% up to 1.000 €Learn more
BrandenburgB2B and B2MUp to € 4000Learn more
FreiburgB2B and B2Mup to € 3.000Learn more
FriedrichshafenB2C 20 % up to 1.000 EuroLearn more
GermanyB2B30 % up to € 2500Learn more
HamburgB2B and B2C33% up to € 2000Learn more
HeidelbergB2B and B2C25 % up to € 500Learn more
IngelheimB2B and B2Cup to € 1.500Learn more
KarlsruheB2B€ 800Learn more
KölnB2B and B2Cup to € 2.500Learn more
LimburgB2B and B2C600 €Learn more
MannheimB2C25%  up to 1.000€Learn more
MünchenB2B and B2C25% up to € 1000Learn more
Nordrhein WestfalenB2B and B2Mup to € 4200Learn more
OldenburgB2B and B2C1200 €Learn more
OsnabrückB2B and B2Cup to € 2000Learn more
RavensburgB2C 30 % up to € 800Learn more
RegensburgB2B and B2C€ 400Learn more
SachsenB2B and B2MUp to € 1.500Learn more
Schleswig-HolsteinB2CUp to € 400Learn more
Stadt WeilheimB2B and B2C€ 500Learn more
StuttgartB2Cup to €1500Learn more
WiesbadenB2B and B2Cup to € 2500Learn more


WhereWhoHow muchLink
ÖsterreichB2B and B2CUp to €850Learn more
BadenB2C€ 500Learn more
Bruck an der LeithaB2B and B2C€ 500Learn more
GrazB2B50% up to € 1000Learn more
LinzB2B and B2C30% up to € 1000Learn more
LustenauB2CUp to € 600Learn more
NeukirchenB2B and B2C50% up to € 500Learn more
SalzburgB2B and B2C€ 300 up to € 1000Learn more
TirolB2B and B2C25 up to 50%Learn more
TraiskirchenB2C€ 500Learn more
WienB2BUp to € 4000Learn more
WienB2CUp to € 1000Learn more
WolkersdorfB2C€ 150Learn more
DornbirnB2B and B2CUp to € 400Learn more


WhereWhoHow muchLink
NetherlandsCompaniesUp to 50%Learn more


WhereWhoHow muchLink
SpainCommunitiesfrom € 600Learn more