Escape the road traffic and parking issues with a bike that changes to your needs

Escape your limits
with the Multi Use Bike

The most comfortable mobility solution with unique tilting technology and a flexible superstructure system that suits the changing demands in everyday traffic.

This eBike is built for you and your precious cargo

We developed a unique technology that keeps your cargo protected and balanced in urban and rural areas, while you can easily customize your loading area, to fit your goods, packages, children, or dogs, and other animals.

Keep your goods safe on bumpy roads
Keep your goods safe on bumpy roads
quickly change your superstructures
Quickly change your superstructure with no effort
Dynamic & comfortable riding experience
Dynamic & comfortable riding experience
Quality design made in Europe
Quality design made in Europe
Gleam Lastenfahrrad 84
bike with a box - new

Easily conquer all street obstacles and enjoy a safe ride

Enjoy a comfortable ride with our unique Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT). Together with the full suspension, the load remains balanced and the driver experiences a dynamic and comfortable ride in the city and rural areas.

We make sure that if your life changes, GLEAM changes with you

Quickly upgrade your bike with our Fast Lock Extension System (FLEX). The FLEX system on the spacious loading area offers different customization options to make GLEAM a real multi use bike.

Discover our high-quality features for your ride

Designed to the smallest detail, our highly customizable eBike is built to last and to make your driving experience fantastic.

Join us in the mobility revolution

There are no limits to the areas of application for our GLEAM Bikes. Explore all use cases!

Get up to 30% funding when buying a GLEAM Multi Use Bike

Have you ever dreamed about the freedom of driving a bike in the city instead of being stuck in noisy traffic with your car? Many countries and cities see the great potential of Cargo eBikes and grant various subventions and funding options.

Explore grants

We revolutionize mobility.

We want to transform the urban movement by becoming car-independent and emission-free. This means the freedom of avoiding traffic jams, easy parking and being active.

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