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6.999,00 (excl. tax)

Each GLEAM ESCAPE standard model comes with a flex.base that ensures full compatibility for all FLEX superstructures.

Explore all technical details here. 

The base model has a built-in platform (100 or 120 cm) that allows you to transport the load regardless of shape and size.
FLEX.Base 100 cm (excl. tax)
FLEX.Base 120 cm (excl. tax) (+€150,00)
The standard colors we offer are black, blue and white. Want a customized color? Just add the RAL color code below.
Individual (+€300,00)
We offer a flexible superstructure system that can be changed in only 30 seconds. If your transportation need changes, GLEAM changes with you.
FLEX.Work 360l (60x100x60 cm) (+€800,00)
FLEX.Work 500l (60x120x70 cm) (+€1.250,00)
FLEX.Cover 500l (60x100x84 cm) (+€950,00)
FLEX.Cover 650l (60x128.5x84 cm) (+€1.100,00)
Flex.Life (+€750,00)
Go for more flexibility and extra customization options. Each GLEAM ESCAPE comes with a flex.base that ensures full compatibility for all FLEX superstructures.
Add extra Flex.Work 350L (+€800,00)
Add extra Flex.Work 500L (+€1.250,00)
Add extra Flex.Cover M (+€950,00)
Add extra Flex.Cover L (+€1.100,00)
Add extra Flex.Life (without raincover) (+€750,00)
Dimensions 60x100x60 cm
Ersetze mit wenigen Handgriffen deinen Cover Aufsatz.
Dimensions: 60x120x70 cm
Ersetze mit wenigen Handgriffen deinen Cover Aufsatz.
Dimensions: 60x90x75 cm
Ersetze mit wenigen Handgriffen deinen Work Aufsatz.
Up to 2 children and your everyday goods
Dimensions: 60x120x80 cm
Ersetze mit wenigen Handgriffen deinen Work Aufsatz.
RAL or CMYK Color Codes
Our bike comes equipped with high-quality features but you can add more spice to it. Here's what we offer:
Enviolo AutomatiQ Upgrade (+€350,00)
Enviolo AutomatiQ Controller CliQ Pure (+€69,00)
Dual Battery 1000Wh [Polini - 2x 500Wh] (+€750,00)
Extra Battery Holder [only for single battery] (+€150,00)
PowUnity GPS Tracker [installed in the engine] (+€165,00)
Carla Cargo Adapter Set (+€300,00)
Rear Wheels Impact Guards Set (+€80,00)
Rear Mudguards [Retrofit] (+€250,00)
Extra Battery [Polini - 1x 500Wh] (+€700,00)
Extra Charger (+€70,00)
Side Mirror [Ergotec M-88] (+€50,00)
Integrated Bike Lock [ABUS Security Level 9] (+€180,00)
FLEX.Life Raincover [not installed] (+€300,00)
FLEX.Work - Alternative Colour [white] (+€100,00)
FLEX.Cover - Individual Branding (+€350,00)
FLEX.Kit [for individual Superstructure] (+€35,00)
Internal insulation [FLEX.Work 350] (+€320,00)
Internal insulation [FLEX.Work 500] (+€350,00)
BikeTrax: protection and theft security (pre-assembled on your bike)
Shipping included in the price for Germany, Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands.
CaneCreek Viscoset steering damper, Supernova lights, Enviolo CA Manual, Polini E-P3 MX 90Nm
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Additional information

Engine Power

250 W

Max. Support Speed

25 km/h

Walk assistance

6 km/h

Vehicle Width

0,82 m

Vehicle Length

2,5 m

Vehicle Height

~ 1,3 m

Loading Area [FLEX.Base]

600 x 1000/1200 mm

Loading Capacity

Up to 1 m³

Vehicle Weight

70 kg [without Superstructure]

Maximum Payload

200 kg [incl. Driver]

Tyre- & Rim Diameter

1x Front: 27, 5" Schwalbe Marathon
2x Rear: 20" Schwalbe Marathon

Gear change

Belt [Gates Carbon DriveTM]

Steering Damper

CaneCreek Viscoset

Gear type

enviolo CA Manual/Automatiq


  1. Landkind Wien

    I am super happy with the bike, it is the perfect fit to do local delivery, to the customers in our district and other districts. The freestyle version gives us the flexibility to transport everything, from bio soil to food and to a new wooden rack for our store!

  2. Gasthaus Nestroy

    As a restaurant, we rely on fast meal delivery. Our drivers have faced the problem of losing cargo when turning too quickly into curves, and therefore they also lost time. With the GLEAM Cargo eBike and its Dynamic Tilting Technology, this problem is solved. The cargo stays balanced, our employees enjoy their bike ride and our customers their warm meal.

  3. VanDyckMarcel

    The FLEX system opens up new possibilities for local dealers to sell the GLEAM bike both for professional and private use.

  4. MunixFinest Bicycles

    The FLEX system makes the Gleam bike multifunctional. With the different structures, everything can be changed in seconds for family or commercial use. Just great!

  5. Aron

    Hat mich vollends überzeugt! Vor allem die dynamische Anpassung an schwieriges Gelände macht es für mich zur besten Lösung unter den Profi-Lastenrädern.

  6. Federica Succio

    GLEAM è un’ottima soluzione per trasportare carichi, senza faticare e senza utilizzare l’auto! Il comfort di guida è impagabile e posso muovermi liberamente per la città senza alcun problema. Decisamente consigliata!

  7. Eva Zingerle

    sehr coole Sache, mega Fahrgefühl! Das habe ich so bei einem Lastenrad noch nicht erlebt. Ich freue mich schon, ab jetzt nur noch damit durch Bozen zu düsen, ohne die Umwelt zu verschmutzen 🙂

  8. Radlfürst GmbH

    What I find brilliant is that this all-rounder can be used in various ways. Even in hilly areas or the mountains – the Gleam-Bike has enough power! In the city area, every traffic jam is avoided and businesses can easily transport cargo in traffic restricted areas. Sensationally applicable.

  9. MagicWay

    The Flex system is a marked improvement on the use of the Gleam bike and is in harmony with the overall vision of the Gleam brand; dynamic and practical.

  10. Petra Paraschiv

    Had the chance to give it a ride a few weeks ago and really loved the handling, especially in corners! As I’ve already experienced different kind of bikes for transportation, always with the outcome of riding kind of sluggish vehicles, the Gleam was surprisingly pleasant to carry stuff while having the feeling of sitting on a mountain bike. Like it!

  11. Traix Cycles

    Genials Schwerlastenrad mit sehr guter Neigetechnik und Federung. Wir sind voll überzeugt.

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