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From corporates to small businesses to families, there are no limits to the areas of application for our GLEAM Multi Use Bikes. By using GLEAM, our customers change the way they do business and move around the city. They save time and money and have a positive impact on the environment.


Thanks to its full suspension and tilting technology, the GLEAM Bike is particularly well suited for transporting pressure-sensitive goods such as food or cosmetics. Bottles, coffee or whole meals can be transported safely, effectively and quickly. This is why restaurants, catering companies or coffee shops use GLEAM for their daily deliveries.

Wine Delivery

“We are very satisfied with the GLEAM Multi Use Bike. Finding replacements to deliver orders has become easier since we can now also employ people who do not own a driver‘s license. In addition, the eBike is a real eyecatcher and people are always curious when they see us riding through the streets. Also, by using the bike, we are saving an average daily expense of 10 euros.”

Maxservice (IT)


Whether it’s a lawn mower, ladder, or paint canister, even the most unwieldy items can be stored easily and safely with the FLEX system. Work materials can be fixed directly on the platform or locked in the FLEX.Work box as required. For additional space, the Bike is compatible with the Carla cargo adapter.


“The combination of the two boxes is perfect for me because I can lock my tools in the FLEX.Work box and transport bigger materials with the Carla Cargo. ”

Private Garden Butler (BEL)

Mobility and Fleet Management

Quick and reliable service can save the day in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Service personnel can avoid downtown congestion by using the bike infrastructure and can bring the necessary spare parts and tools with them through the spacious and lockable box.

Roadside assistance

“The large, integrated toolbox allows you to carry additional equipment with you. In addition, the cargo bike offers more riding comfort, thanks to the new drive technology, which does not require any gears at all.“


Public institutions and services

As a municipality or public institution, you fulfill an exemplary function towards companies and residents. The GLEAM can be used as a transport vehicle to reduce traffic-related emissions during management. In this way, public services such as waste disposal, laundry transport, or youth work can be managed sustainably.

Emmen Municipality

“We use the GLEAM Bike to collect plastic bottles from various companies. The best thing about it is that it‘s easy to get through traffic in the city.”

Toolbox Emmen (NED)


Whether it is a supermarket, breakdown service or delivery,  the GLEAM can be the ideal addition to your own vehicle fleet. Especially with individual color and a design in the own company colors it generates attention and attracts curious looks.


„Thanks to the Dynamic Tilting Technology and the suspension of the rear axle, we at Gurkerl are very flexible on the bikes. Even the transport of fragile goods (bottles, eggs, etc.) over curbs, gravel paths, and potholes is possible without any problems. The body, which is adapted to our transport boxes, enables us to load them quickly and safely. The possibility of mounting two batteries enables us to use it continuously without charging times.”

Private use

GLEAM ESCAPE is the perfect daily road companion for people who don’t own or want to own a car or driver’s license. With a simple click mechanism, you are ready to drive to work, go on trips, go shopping, take the kids to kindergarten, and much more.


„The GLEAM is really a great thing for the whole family. Especially for me as a mum who goes to work. We can easily find space for everything – the kids’ bike, the backpack, the school bag. Even my own backpack still fits in.“

Mother of two (GER)

GLEAM in the news

“Gleam Lastenräder: Das Fahrrad ist eindeutig Gewinner dieser Situation”

“Er is genoeg ruimte voor materialen en gereedschappen. Technisch is het een fiets, dus je mag je verplaatsen over fietspaden en fietsstrips”

“Gleam Cargo: Den wirft nichts aus der Bahn“

“Das ist Kipp-Technik, die fasziniert. Und, viel wichtiger noch: die auch hervorragend funktioniert.”

“Das zweispurige Cargobike kann 200 Kilo zuladen … Der Clou ist das vollgefederte Fahrwerk mit Neigetechnologie.”

““Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns ein großes Thema, deshalb setzen wir seit Tag eins in erster Linie auf eigene Lösungen und Logistikpartner, die selber elektrische Fahrzeuge verwenden.“

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