The Multi Use Bike

The Multi Use Bike

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Quality made in Austria

A comfortable ride on any kind of road – for you and your precious cargo

Unique Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT)

We invested more than 7 years in developing our DTT, which ensures all street obstacles can be easily conquered. Together with full suspension, the load remains balanced, and the driver experiences a dynamic and comfortable ride both in the city and rural areas.

Complemented by a revolutionary Fast Lock Extension System (FLEX)

Our FLEX system on the spacious loading area offers different customization options to make GLEAM a real Multi Use Bike. With a simple switch, you’re ready to go to work, transport your goods & tools, go shopping, take out the kids to kindergarten, and much more.

Flexible superstructure system

Every GLEAM ESCAPE comes with a FLEX.Base that ensures full compatibility for all our FLEX superstructures.

High-quality components

The GLEAM Cargo eBike was developed by our experts from the motorcycle industry. The result: a vehicle that is strong and durable.

Customize GLEAM to your needs

Want your own color or want to brand the GLEAM Bike in a certain way? We know that everyone’s transport needs are different. To make the bike the perfect fit for you, we offer various customization options.

  • Customizable Frame Color
  • Customizable FLEX.Work Color
  • Customizable Tarp cover and design for FLEX.Cover
  • Ask us for more customization for your fleet
GLEAM for last mile delivery
GLEAM for fleet management OAMTC
GLEAM for delivery services
GLEAM for coffee delivery
GLEAM for chimney sweepers
GLEAM for catering Taf Taf
GLEAM for bakeries
Toolbox Emmen - City of Emmen_Use Case NL (28)
GLEAM for wine delivery
GLEAM for parcel delivery
GLEAM for waste management

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