The Multi Use Bike

The Multi Use Bike

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Flexible superstructure system

Every GLEAM ESCAPE comes with a flex.base that ensures full compatibility for all our FLEX superstructures.

Get up to 30% funding when buying GLEAM

What makes GLEAM unique on the market

Unique Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT)

We invested more than 7 years in developing our DTT that ensures all street obstacles can be easily conquered. Together with full suspension, the load remains balanced and the driver experiences a dynamic and comfortable ride in the city and rural areas.

Complemented by a revolutionary Fast Lock Extension System

Our FLEX system on the spacious loading area offers different customization options to make GLEAM a real multi use bike. With a simple switch, you’re ready to go to work, transport your goods & tools, go shopping, take out the kids to kindergarten, and much more.

Designed and engineered in Europe

The GLEAM Cargo eBike is developed and produced in Europe in partnership with experienced designers, engineers and factories from the motorcycle industry in Italy’s “motor valley”. The assembly takes place in a Smart Factory in the Netherlands.

High-quality components

The GLEAM Cargo eBike was developed by our experts from the motorcycle industry. The result: a vehicle that is strong and durable.

We built a bike that supports you
in everyday mobility

We know that everyone’s transport needs are different. To make the bike the perfect fit for you, we offer various customization options.

300-500l Box

Our boxes are our customer’s favorite add-on, as they provide the comfort of safely storing tools, groceries or documents with the closable lid.


Want your own color or want to brand the GLEAM Cargo eBike in a certain way? We offer various options, get in touch with us.

Dual Battery

If you need to travel long distances, you can opt for the Dual Battery system. It enables you to extend your range from about 40-80km without having to switch batteries.

Fast battery charger

With the standard battery charger of the bike, a full charge takes 4h. If you need to speed up, opt for the Bosch speed charger to accelerate to only 3 h.

Cargo Trailer

If the platform of our Cargo eBike is still not big enough for you, you can choose to extend your bike with a trailer from our partners Carla Cargo.

Protection against theft

Choose to set up your bike with a GPS tracker, so you can always locate your bike and track your routes or purchase an additional lock.

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Gleam Cargo eBikes for Painters
GLEAM Cargo eBike Success Stories
Paul Kefer, Munix Bikes

Explore the technical details

Legal homologation
(Legal registration)
(Assist only when pedal active, no throttle)
Motor power continuous 250 W
Max. motor support speed 25 km/h
Walk assistance 6 Km/h
Vehicle width 0,82 m
Vehicle length 2,5 m
Vehicle height ~ 1,3 m
Loading area 600 x 1000mm [Extended FLEX.Base – 1,2m]
Load volume up to 1 m³
Vehicle weight 70 kg [without superstructure]
Total payload 200 kg [incl. driver]
Max. gross vehicle weight 270 kg [incl. driver and load]
Motor Polini E-P3 MX

[Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4. < Q3 2021]

Battery Capacity 500 Wh [1kWh – DualBattery]
Range ~ 40 km – 500 Wh
Gears (Gear Hub) Enviolo CA Manual [optional AutomatiQ]
Tires + Rim size 1x Front: 27, 5″ Schwalbe
2x Rear: 20″ Schwalbe
Light Supernova
Board Computer Polini / Bosch
Wheelbase 190 cm
Track 74 cm
Download specifications
FLEX.Work 350l (60x100x60)
FLEX.Work 500l (60x120x70)
FLEX.Cover S (60x90x60)
FLEX.Cover M (60x90x75)
FLEX.Cover L (60x120x80)
Download specifications
Engine Bosch Performance CX
Motor power continuous 250 W
Battery Capacity 500 Wh
Range Standard battery About 40 km (see FAQ)
Range DualBattery About 80 km
Charging time standard 4 h
Charging time speed 3 h
Gears (Gear Hub) Enviolo Cargo Automatic+
Light LED Supernova
Display Bosch Intuvia
Tires Schwalbe
Download specifications

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