Multi Use Bike Category – the beginning of a new era of urban mobility

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Last week, we from GLEAM revealed our new category of Multi Use Bikes to our fans from around Europe via an interactive online launch event.

We bring innovation in the e-bike sector to all of Europe. GLEAM bikes have been on European roads since last year and it has become a true all-rounder in the B2B sector. No matter whether it is for delivery or craftsmanship, there are no limits to the areas of application for our bikes. Our customers are enthusiastic and appreciate the unique riding experience.

So, we thought, why not design the bike for private use as well? One company, one vision, many different purposes. This is how the Multi Use Bike category was born!

GLEAM – cargo bike with electric engine

The GLEAM Bike is a cargo tricycle powered by an electric engine. With a width of 80cm, it is as practical as a two-wheeler, even on bike paths. The specially developed Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT) ensures a smooth and safe ride for drivers and a load of up to 120 kg. This corresponds to the loading capacity of a car boot.

We introduce the Multi Use Bike category

Urban mobility should not be promoted and driven in its development solely in the business sector. If mankind wants to reduce CO2 emissions in the future, it must do so in every possible situation. That is why the development of a Multi Use Bike category is so important. With GLEAM ESCAPE, emission-free transport can be implemented in both professional and private life. We make sure that if your life changes, GLEAM changes with you.

The state-of-the-art “FLEX System” developed by GLEAM, offers different superstructures for the standard FLEX.Base, a solid aluminum loading surface. The superstructures can be exchanged or removed within seconds. Flexibility is the key to the Multi Use Bike.

There is no need to change the means of transport in everyday life. The GLEAM Multi Use Bike covers all necessary uses in one vehicle.

GLEAM ESCAPE – Escape the everyday traffic with a bike that changes to your needs

At the online launch event held on Thursday, 25th March 2021, the GLEAM ESCAPE version was unveiled and presented live in front of many guests. After a detailed description of the new feature has been given, the most important questions were answered live in a Q&A round and the ESCAPE model was discussed in an open round. It was an honor to welcome so many interested participants to our event.

GLEAM ESCAPE is a Multi Use Bike built around the concept of flexibility. Whether for everyday use at work, on the way to kindergarten, or shopping – the GLEAM bike is available with a total of seven superstructures. In fact, there is the right add-on for every life situation.

The FLEX.Work body is particularly suitable for logistics and delivery operations. The aluminum box is available in two different capacities (300 & 500 liters). In addition, the interior can be divided into two compartments and isolated individually. Perfect for warm food delivery or for keeping medicines cool.

The FLEX.Cover is suitable for all business uses and the version can be ordered in three different sizes. Thanks to the tarpaulin, the lightweight construction protects the goods from moisture and holds up to nine Euro boxes in the largest version.

Finally, this versatile portfolio is complemented by a new addition – the FLEX.Life version!

FLEX.Life – the family version for everyday use

The latest addition to the GLEAM ESCAPE Model is the FLEX.Life version. The new design allows safe and comfortable transport of up to two children and pets. There is also enough space for shopping bags, running wheels, backpacks and everything else you need for everyday use. Besides, there is an optional rain cover to protect passengers or transported goods.

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But that’s not all! We just launched our crowdfunding campaign with GREEN ROCKET. If you want to invest in a green, emission-free future, you’ve come to the right place. Great early bird bonuses with 6,5% interest await investors and the opportunity to do something good. For a greener future and urban mobility!

Escape your limits and become a superhero of urban mobility!

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