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Escape the road traffic with the multi use bike

GLEAM ESCAPE is your perfect companion in the daily traffic, so you can escape your limits! With a simple switch, you’re ready to go to work, transport your goods & tools, go shopping, take out the kids to kindergarten, and much more.

A new fun way to cope with the traffic

We introduce the Multi Use Bike, the new category of electric bikes specially developed for you, the modern urban user, so you can:

  • ESCAPE the city road traffic.
  • ESCAPE the load and luggage limits.
  • ESCAPE the usual handling and parking issues.
  • ESCAPE being an air polluter.
  • ESCAPE your limits!
Dynamic Tilting Technology

We unveil the new GLEAM ESCAPE model in a live stream event

When: 25.03.2021 at 12.00 (UTC+1).

Where? Livestream on ZOOM.

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Easily conquer all street obstacles and enjoy a safe ride

Enjoy a comfortable ride with our unique Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT). Together with the full suspension, the load remains balanced and the driver experiences a dynamic and comfortable ride in the city and rural areas.

We make sure that if your life changes, GLEAM changes with you

Quickly upgrade your bike with our Fast Lock Extension System. The FLEX system on the spacious loading area offers different customization options to make GLEAM a real multi use bike.

We make a difference by combining the best features of mountain bikes & cargo bikes

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Date: 25.03.2021 at 12.00 (UTC+1)
Location: Livestream on ZOOM