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Popular questions from our users

The GLEAM Escape comes with our Dynamic Tilting Technology and the new FLEX System, which enables quick and easy adaption of the loading area. The standard loading area now is 1 m x 0,6 m, while the loading area for the COVER L and WORK 500l superstructure is 1,2 m x 0,6 m (like on GLEAM Series X). We are now also using the powerful Polini E-P3 MX engine with 90 Nm. We have perfected the driving behavior of GLEAM Escape and equipped it with a CraneCreek Viscoset steering damper.

The production of the frame parts is mainly done in Italy, in the “Motor valley” around Bologna by our experienced suppliers and development partners from the motorcycle industry. Bicycle components and engines come from well-known manufacturers (e.g. Bosch, Enviolo, Continental, Schwalbe) and their worldwide bicycle industry network. Assembly takes place in the Netherlands in our Smart Factory, where we combine the components into a GLEAM to the highest standards and with good quality management. The bikes are then shipped directly to our customers and dealers throughout Europe.

Handling and shipping costs differ from country to country. Therefore, please get in touch with us and we will provide you your individual price for your country.

We already have several partners across Europe, who are happy to show you the GLEAM. Please find your closest GLEAM dealer here.

The delivery time of our products is in between 4 and 6 weeks.

The bike will be delivered on an especially produced palette to ensure that it arrives safely. Before starting the first ride, you only need to mount the front wheel. Have a look here to see how to do that. The palette can be disposed of afterward.

Questions on the bike superstructure

The total payload (together with the driver) is 200 kg. This means that if the driver weighs 80kg, 120kg can be loaded in the back.

No, the WORK boxes have not been developed for the transport of children. Starting from May 2021, we will have our LIFE version available which will ensure the highest safety for your children.

Yes. Our standard colors are black, white, and blue, but we can also produce your bike in individual RAL colors for additional € 300.

Yes, we use the LED light system from Supernova.

It is highly recommended to use an external lock whenever the bike is parked. If you order an ABUS Lock together with your GLEAM, you benefit from having the same key for the battery as for the lock.

In addition, we can provide a GPS tracker, with which you can easily track your bike in case of theft. The initial costs for the GPS tracker are € 165, and after the first year a monthly fee of € 3,95 is charged by the provider.

We also recommend effecting an insurance against theft.

Yes, get in contact with us and we will help you find the perfect solution for your mobility needs.

Questions on the technical details

The range depends on your payload, your driving style and ranges from 20 to 30km when you use a single battery system. Therefore, we recommend upgrading on a dual battery system to always have enough energy for your business or private use.

Standard charging of one battery takes about 4 hours.

Do not worry, you probably did not insert the battery correctly. When plugging in the battery, a “click” sound has to appear. Here you can find a video on how to properly change the battery.

Our DTT is located underneath the loading platform and works through many moveable pieces that run into bearings and are also suspended with a spring damper system. By having two swingarms, which are connected to this system, they can move independently from each other. This ensures not only a comfortable ride due to full suspension but also gives the driver the freedom to overcome every obstacle that s/he faces in everyday mobility. You can turn at high speeds as the bike leans perfectly into curves like a two-wheeler. The turning radius is similar to a normal bike.

We only use mid-motors in our bikes and are working with Polini and Bosch to ensure high quality torque when you need it. Power is distributed to both rear wheels where the load is. From there, the power is transferred with a belt system from Gates to the Enviolo gear hub. From the gear hub, there is a belt to the differential. The differential splits the power to the right and left side from where it is transmitted with the Gates belts to rear wheels.

Yes, it is. This can be ordered separately.

Questions on maintenance & warranty

Most of the parts of our bike are standard parts meaning easily accessible on the market. Either we have them on stock or we provide a local retailer /importer with a standard repertoire of spare parts (brake pads, wheels, chains, etc.). In each country, at minimum one GLEAM partner can repair the GLEAM bicycles.

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