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General Information

The production of the frame parts is mainly done in Italy, in the “Motor valley” around Bologna by our experienced suppliers and development partners from the motorcycle industry. Bicycle components and engines come from well-known manufacturers (e.g. Bosch, Enviolo, Continental, Schwalbe) and their worldwide bicycle industry network. Assembly takes place in the Netherlands in our Smart Factory, where we combine the components into a GLEAM to the highest standards and with good quality management. The bikes shipped directly to our customers and dealers throughout Europe.

The delivery time of our products is in between 4 and 6 weeks.

Bike superstructure

The total load limit (together with the driver) is 200 kg.

The bike comes with an external padlock. It is highly recommended to use it whenever the bike is parked.

In addition, we can provide a GPS tracker, with which you can easily track your bike in case of theft. The initial costs for the GPS tracker are € 200, and after the first year a monthly fee of € 3,95 is charged by the provider.

We also recommend effecting insurance against theft.

Yes, get in contact with us and we will help you find the perfect solution of your mobility needs.

Technical details

With 1 battery, you can go between 30 and 40 km – depending on the load, the level of assistance and the terrain: very hilly or flat. Thus, with two batteries, you can drive for around 70 km. The batteries are “swappable”, that means you can change them easily to a fully charged battery. You can have a look at the Bosch Range Assisant: https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-assistant/

Standard charging takes 4h. We can provide you with a fast charger from BOSCH with which the charging is done within 3h. This charger has to be paid extra.

The suspension works with a torsion bar which is adjustable, and tilting is only mechanic. It is activated with normal bike steering – it feels like a normal bike.

Result: The driver can turn at high speeds as the bike leans perfectly into curves like a two-wheeler. The turning radius is similar to a normal bike. Furthermore, the two back wheels are independent so the driver can go with one wheel on a sidewalk, keep the other one on the road and still always keep the load perfectly balanced. It is particularly appreciated during peak hours with a lot of traffic – overtaking becomes really easy.

Maintenance & Warranty

We suggest the following maintenance schedule:

GLEAM service schedule Within km or months
Maintenance 1 1.000 km 3 months
Maintenance 2 2.000 km 12 months
Maintenance 3 4.500 km 18 months
Maintenance 4 7.000 km 24 months
Maintenance 5 9.500 km 36 months
Maintenance 6 12.000 km 42 months
Maintenance 7 14.500 km 48 months

Most of the parts of our bike are standard parts meaning easily accessible on the market. Either we have them on stock or we provide a local retailer /importer with a standard repertoire of spare parts (brake pads, wheels, chains, etc.). In each country, at minimum one GLEAM partner can repair the GLEAM bicycles.

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