Getting started
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Start your ride in 3 simple steps

Watch our tutorial videos to see how easy it is to get your ride started with GLEAM.

Before the first ride

Just like with every vehicle, there are some important things you need to do and learn before using your GLEAM Multi Use Bike. To avoid arising questions like "how do I turn on the battery, how do I unlock all brakes, how does the gear shift work?" we summed all easy but necessary steps up to provide you with a nice first riding experience.

The first ride

Once you have adjusted everything and set up everything according to your needs, it is time to get going. In order to become an urban superhero there are some special tricks to improve going around tight corners and over bumps in rural areas.

After the ride

After a great day on the GLEAM Bike it is necessary to apply all brake locks, so that the bike does not start moving by itself. For longer times you should also turn off the batteries and protect your bike from extreme weather conditions, if necessary.

Technical Details

Explore our user manual and all technical information in details so you can learn how to set up your GLEAM Bike and get your ride started with success.

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Service, warranty and maintenance

Having a problem with your bike or a service or maintenance question? Send us a message and we will get back to you with a solution. In case you bought the bike from one of our partners, make sure to reach out to them first.

Superhero stories

Superhero Danny

Meet Danny, a messenger at Heavy Pedals Lastenradtransport und -verkauf who uses GLEAM for everyday deliveries in Vienna. We visited him to see what a day in the life of a messenger with GLEAM is like.
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Superhero Magda

Meet Magda, a working mother of two. As she doesn’t have a driving license, she is using the GLEAM bike as a car replacement. We met her to see what a day in the life of a family with GLEAM is like.
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Your Story

We love seeing our customers riding GLEAM. Have some photos to share with us from your daily rides with GLEAM? Send us a message.
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Media Kits

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