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Our Story

Looking at cities nowadays, we see that most streets are jammed with cars. This does not only lead to slow mobility; it is noisy and very toxic for humans and the environment. With GLEAM we want to solve this problem and transform the urban movement by becoming car-independent. Our goal is to reduce 100.000 tons of CO2 until 2025 by providing an eBike, which is built to last, and meets urban needs while is also emission-free.

“Our goal is to transform
mobility and reduce CO2
emissions by 100.000 tons
until 2025.”


Tech and Nature

“Gleam Lastenräder: Das Fahrrad ist eindeutig Gewinner dieser Situation”

Dagblad Noorden

“Er is genoeg ruimte voor materialen en gereedschappen. Technisch is het een fiets, dus je mag je verplaatsen over fietspaden en fietsstrips”

E-bike News

“Gleam Cargo: Den wirft nichts aus der Bahn“

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